Airfix to Humbrol Colour Conversion Table

Airfix to Humbrol Model Colour Conversion Table

Many of the older Airfix model kits are sold and traded even today, they have become collector’s items. Unfortunately, the painting instructions in these kits refer to original Airfix model colours which are no longer available. As a service to modellers, the Airfix colour reference numbers listed below have been converted to the Humbrol and Pactra colour equivalents.

Airfix Colour Conversion Table

Airfix Matt Enamel Humbrol Pactra
M1 Brick Red 70
M2 Sea Grey 27
M3 Dark Green 30
M4 Oak 71
M5 Ochre 83
M6 Black 33 A46
M7 Flesh 61 A19
M8 Beige Green 90
M9 Khaki Drill 72
M10 White 34 A47
M11 RAF Blue 96
M12 Wine Red 73
M13 Light Grey 64
M14 Linen 74
M15 Lemon 99
M16 Duck Egg Blue 23
M17 Bronze Green 75
M18 Uniform Green 76
M19 Scarlet 60
M20 Cockpit Green 78
M21 Light Olive 86
M22 Blue Grey 79
M23 Khaki 26
M24 Concrete 95
M25 Aircraft Blue 65
M26 Grass Green 80
M27 Blue 25
MV1 Matt Varnish 49 A48

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