Frederick the Great’s Allies 1756–63

Frederick the Great’s Allies 1756–63, Stuart Reid, Osprey Men-at-Arms 460

The Seven Years’ War in Germany was characterised by an increasing use of light troops in conjunction with regular infantry and cavalry as part of an ongoing evolution in military tactics. This book draws attention to these tactical developments and also provides an analysis of the allied army that fought alongside Frederick the Great in Germany. Composed of troops from the electorate of Hanover and contingents from Hessen-Kassel, Brunswick and Prussia, this force was funded by Britain and led by a Prussian officer, Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick. Later, British troops joined this army as it operated throughout western Germany, and together the allied army won a great victory at the famous battle of Minden in 1759.



  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • His Britannic Majesty’s Army in Germany
  • Organization & Uniforms
    • Cavalry
      • Brunswick
      • British: Royal Horse Guards, Dragoon Guards, Horse, Dragoons
      • Hanoverian: Guard, Line Cuirassiers, Line Dragoons
      • Hessian: Horse, Dragoons
      • Prussian: Dragoons
    • Infantry
      • Brunswick
      • British: Footguards and Line
      • Hanoverian: Footguards and Line
      • Hessian: Footguards and Line, Militia
      • Prussian: Fusiliers
    • Technical Troops
      • Brunswick Artillery
      • British Artillery
      • Bückeburg Contingent
      • Hanoverian Artillery
      • Hessian Artillery
    • Light Troops
      • Brunswick: Hussars, Jägers, Light Infantry, Auxiliary Volunteers
      • British: Light Dragoons, Highlanders, Fraser’s Chasseurs, Légion Britannique
      • Bückeburg Contingent
      • Hanoverian: Hussars, Jägers, Scheither’s Freikorps
      • Hessian: Hussars, Jägers, Frei-Regiment von Gerlach
      • Prussian: Hussars, Freikorps von Trümbach
  • Farbtafeln
    • Hanoverian Infantry
      • Grenadier, Fußgarde-Regiment, 1757
      • Musketier, Infanterie-Regiment Hardenberg, 1759
      • Musketier, Infanterie-Regiment Sachsen-Gotha, 1759
    • Hanoverian Cavalry
      • Grenadier, Grenadiere zu Pferd
      • Cuirassier, Kürassier-Regiment von Hodenburg
      • Prussian Dragoon, Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 9 (Holstein-Gottorp)
    • Light Cavalry
      • Prussian Hussar, Husaren-Regiment Nr. 5 (Ruesch)
      • Hanoverian Hussar, Luckner’sche Frei-Husaren, 1757
      • Carabinier, Bückeburg Contingent, 1758
    • Hanoverian Light Troops
    • British Contingent at Minden, 1759
      • Private, 51st (Brudenell’s) Regiment of Foot
      • Grenadier, 25th (Edinburgh) Regiment of Foot
      • Trooper, 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons
    • Hesse-Kassel Contingent
    • Brunswick Contingent
      • Hussar, Husarenkorps
      • Officer, Infanterie-Regiment von Imhoff
      • Dragoon, Dragoner-Regiment von Bibow
    • Technical Troops
      • Hanoverian Pontonier
      • Hesse-Kassel Artilleryman
      • Artilleryman, Scheither’sches Freikorps
  • Plate Commentaries
  • Index

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