Post-Mongol Russian
1246–1533 A.D.

DBA Army 157

Italeri’s Russian Knights may be used to recreate elements of DBA Army 157 – Post-Mongol Russian

Italeri’s Russian Knights may be used to raise a 13th century Russian army. Most of the knight in this set are actually on foot, and they will form elements of four dismounted knights each, which are classified as blades in DBA. The dismounted figures may be mounted on horses taken from Revell’s Swedish Cavalry of the Thirty Years War, either using the legs of the Swedish troopers, or simply cutting the bases off the Russian knights and making them fit into the saddles. The Swedish horses require minor conversion work to change the shape of their saddles. Unarmoured horses from Italeri’s Teutonic Knights may be used straight from the box.

Campaigns & Events

  • 1237 to 1240 – The Mongol Invasion under Batu Khan destroys all major Russian cities except Novgorod and Pskov. Batu Khan establishes his Empire of the Golden Horde in southern and eastern Russia, which survives until 1480. Belorussia, most of the Ukraine, and part of western Russia are incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. As a result, northeastern Russia becomes the center of Russian political and economic activity.
  • 1380 – Dmitri Donskoi defeats the Tatars at the Battle of Kulikovo.
  • 1389 – Dmitro Donskoi’s son Vasily inherits the Grand Duchy of Vladimir without the sanction of the Golden Horde.
  • 1462 – Ivan III ceases to pay tribute to the Golden Horde.
  • 1463 – The principality of Yaroslav is annexed.
  • 1474 – The principality of Rostov is annexed.
  • 1478 – Novgorod is conquered.
  • 1485 – Tver is conquered.
  • 1510 – Pskov is conquered.
  • 1521 – Ryazan is conquered.


DBA Army No. 157 – Post-Mongol Russian

  1. element: 3 cavalry
  2. element: 3 cavalry
  3. element: 3 cavalry
  4. element: 3 cavalry
  5. element: 3 cavalry, or 2 light horse
  6. element: 2 light horse
  7. element: 2 light horse
  8. element: 4 spearmen
  9. element: 4 spearmen
  10. element: 3 archers
  11. element: 3 archers
  12. element: 2 psiloi

Historical Enemies

  • DBA Army No. 148b – Lithuanian, 1132–1435
  • DBA Army No. 149 – Late Medieval Polish, 1335–1510
  • DBA Army No. 151 – Teutonic Order, 1201–1522
  • DBA Army No. 154 – Mongols, 1206–1395
  • DBA Army No. 157 – Post-Mongol Russian

The Post-Mongol Russian army may be recreated in miniature using Italeri’s Russian Knights, and mounting enough of these miniatures on suitable horses taken from other 1:72 scale figure sets.

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