Mongols under Tamerlane, ca. 1336-1405

DBA Army 159b

DBA Army 159b – Mongols under Tamerlane, ca. 1336–1405

The Mongol conquerer Tamerlane, also known as Timur Leng (Timur the lame), was born in Kesh near Samarkand ca. 1336. He claimed to be a descendant of Genghiz Khan. Tamerlane raised an army of Turks and Turkic-speaking Mongols to subdue his rivals in the area of Turkistan, which he controlled by 1369. In the following years Tamerlane led many campaigns to enlarge his empire, until he died at Samarkand in 1405 while planning an invasion of China. The late 14th century Mongol army under Timur Leng may be raised using two boxes of Mongols manufactured by ZVEZDA.

Campaigns & Events

  • Until 1369 – Tamerlane subdues his rivals in Turkistan.
  • Until 1387 – Tamerlane repeatedly campaigns against Persia.
  • 1392 – Tamerlane invades several Russian states, captures new territory between the Caspian and Black Seas, and eventually conquers the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
  • 1395 – Tamerlane sacks Sarai Berke, capital of the Empire of the Golden Horde.
  • 1398 – Tamerlane campaigns against India, takes Delhi and ends the Delhi Sultanate.
  • 1400 – Tamerlane devastates Georgia, and invades the Levant, he takes Aleppo and Baghdad.
  • 1402 – War against the Ottoman Empire. Tamarlane captures Sultan Beyazid I at the Battle of Angora.
  • 1405 – Tamerlane dies at Samarkand.


DBA Army No. 159b – Mongols under Tamerlane, 1136–1405

  1. element: 3 cavalry, or 2 light cavalry
  2. element: 3 cavalry, or 2 light cavalry
  3. element: 3 cavalry, or 2 light cavalry
  4. element: 3 cavalry, or 2 light cavalry
  5. element: 2 light cavalry
  6. element: 2 light cavalry
  7. element: 2 light cavalry
  8. element: 2 light cavalry
  9. element: 2 light cavalry
  10. element: 2 light cavalry
  11. element: 2 light cavalry, or 4 archers, or 4 spearmen,
    or 2 psiloi, or 1 artillery
  12. element: 2 light cavalry, or 4 archers, or 4 spearmen,
    or 2 psiloi, or 1 artillery

Historical Enemies

  • DBA Army No. 83a – Medieval India, Hindu States
  • DBA Army No. 83b – Medieval India, Muslim States
  • DBA Army No. 132 – Armenians in Kilikien
  • DBA Army No. 142b – Late Serbs
  • DBA Army No. 154 – Mongols
  • DBA Army No. 158 – Egyptian under the Mamelukes
  • DBA Army No. 160a – Early Ottomans
  • DBA Army No. 175 – Persians after Timur Leng

At the time of writing, the Mongols of DBA army 154 are the only available 1:72 scale enemy which may oppose the army of Timur Leng.

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