French Dragoons of the Napoleonic Wars, 1792–1815

Dismounted French Dragoons of the Napoleonic Wars, 1809, 15 mm Miniatures Minifigs 32NF

Officers and men of the 16th French (dismounted) Dragoon Regiment marching across Central Europe. Napoleon intended to capture enough horses during the campaign in order to fully mount his cavalry regiments. These 15 mm dragoons by Minifigs have been painted with artist acrylics. They are mounted on infantry company bases compatible with the Empire III game system.

French cavalry regiments of the Napoleonic Wars had four squadrons of 160 officers and men each, organised in two companies for administrative purposes. Dragoon regiments followed the same organisation, with the exception of the 1805 dragoon regiments, which had a higher complement of troops. In addition to its field companies, the cavalry regiment had a depot squadron responsible for recruiting, training and replacement. The 1st company of the 1st squadron was an elite formation, similar to the grenadier company of an infantry regiment. These «dragons d’élite» wore bearskin grenadier caps with red plumes to indicate their elite status.


  • Regimental Staff
  • 1st Squadron
    • 1st Company (compagnie d’élite)
    • 2nd Company
  • 2nd Squadron
    • 3rd Company
    • 4th Company
  • 3rd Squadron
    • 5th Company
    • 6th Company
  • 4th Squadron
    • 7th Company
    • 8th Company
  • Depot Squadron


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