French 12th Infantry Regiment du Roi of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763

French 12th Infantry Regiment du Roi of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763

The Regiment du Roi was raised in 1663, and it became the 105th Infantry Regiment in 1791. Colonel propriétaire of the regiment was the King of France. During the Seven Years’ War, the 12th Regiment du Roi fought at Hastenbeck, Hannover, Zell, Rossbach, Krefeld, Minden, Corbach, Göttingen, Warburg, Vellinghausen, Neuhaus, and Melsungen.


  • le Roi


  • Lieutenant Général Claude Louis François de Régnier, Comte de Guerchy, 1745–1763


  • white coat with 3x3 yellow metal buttons with orange lace right,
    and 3x3 buttonholes with orange lace on left
  • coat pocket "en travers" with 3 buttons and orange lace
  • blue collar
  • blue cuffs with 3 buttons and orange lace
  • blue turnbacks with yellow hearts
  • blue vest with 22 yellow metal buttons and orange lace
  • white breeches (blue breeches for officers)
  • white gaiters with yellow metal buttons
  • black tricorne hat with yellow edging
  • Grenadiers wore beards, and sabres

Campaign History

  • Camp at Saint-Valery, 1756
  • Battle of Hastenbeck, 1757
  • Capture of Hannover, 1757
  • Expedition to Zell, 1757
  • Battle of Rossbach, 1757
  • Battle of Krefeld, 1758
  • Battle of Minden, 1759
  • Engagement at Corbach (Korbach-Sachsenhausen), 1760
  • Siege of Göttingen, 1760
  • Battle of Warburg, 1760
  • Battle of Vellinghausen / Kirch-Denkern, 1761
  • Engagement at Neuhaus, 1761
  • Engagement at Melsungen, 1762
  • Garrison at Besançon


  • French 105th Infantry Regiment, 1791

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French Infantry of the Seven Years’ War