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Char Léger T.15 (Vickers-Carden-Loyd)

Belgian Char Léger T.15 (Vickers-Carden-Loyd) from the collection of Patrick Storto. The vehicle is armed with a 13.2 mm Hotchkiss heavy machine gun.

Reference Section


  • Belgian Infantry, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures BELG1

Trucks and Tractors

  • Ford/Marmon-Herrington armoured 47 mm AT Gun Tractor, 1:72 Wespe Models 72010

Armoured Cars

  • ACG.1 Automitrailleuse de Combat (Renault AMC 35), 1:76 Hinchliffe 20/215


  • Char Léger T.13 Modèle III
  • Char Léger T.15 (Vickers-Carden-Loyd), 1:76 Ostmodels B1


  • 76 mm F.R.C. Mortar
  • 47 mm L.33 S.A. F.R.C. Anti-tank Gun, 1:76 Ostmodels B2
  • Canon de 75 mm MLE GP III, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures BAR1
  • Canon de 75 mm MLE GP II, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures BAR3
  • Canon de 75 mm MLE TR, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures BAR4
  • 75 mm Field Gun L.36.3 Puteaux M.1897/1940
  • 10.5 cm Leichte Feldhaubitze, 20 mm AXAL Miniatures BAR2


  • Hawker Hurricane Mk I, 1:72 Airfix 02082

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