Yugoslav Infantry, Armour, and Artillery Miniatures of World War Two, 1940–1945

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Yugoslav army of World War Two

Yugoslav army M3A1 Scout Car of World War Two.

Reference Section


  • Yugoslav Infantry Command, 20 mm Lancashire Games 20/Y1
  • Yugoslav Infantry Advancing, 20 mm Lancashire Games 20/Y2
  • Yugoslav Infantry Firing, 20 mm Lancashire Games 20/Y3
  • Yugoslav Infantry with SMG, 20 mm Lancashire Games 20/Y5
  • LMG & Crew, 20 mm Lancashire Games 20/Y4

Armoured Cars

Tanks and Tankettes

  • Tankette T-32 Skoda with 37 mm Gun (Tankette Skoda S-1D)
  • Tankette TKS (captured)
  • Char légèr FT-17 with 37 mm Gun L.21
  • Char légèr Hotchkiss H-39 (captured)
  • M3A3 Stuart Light Tank Mk.V (1944)

Self-Propelled Guns


  • 70/37 mm L.11.4/32.3 Skoda AB Infantry Gun
  • 37 mm Skoda Anti-Tank Gun
  • 100 mm Field Gun
  • 155 mm Schneider M.17 Howitzer


  • Brequet 19 A.2 (armée-biplace) & B.2 (bombardement-biplace), 1:72 HIT 002
  • Caproni CA-311, 1:72 Italeri 113
  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero Bomber
  • Dornier Do 17K (bomber/recon, licensed production)
  • Hawker Fury Mk I (biplane)
  • Hawker Hind
  • Hawker Hurricane Mk I, 1:72 Airfix 02082
  • Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC, 1:72 Hasegawa AP147

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