German Panzergrenadiers, 1939–1945

Revell 1:72 Scale Figure Review

German Panzergrenadiers of World War Two, 1939–1945, 1:72 Miniatures Revell 02511

Panzergrenadiers advancing alongside their Sd.Kfz. 251/1 armoured personnel carrier somewhere in Stalingrad. The veteran Panzergrenadiers in this scene are wearing the field-grey M.1936 Einheitsfeldbluse, whereas the more recent recruits have already been issued the M.1943 uniform which differs in the colour of the collar and shoulder straps. The kneeling NCO in this figure set carries a captured PPSh41 submachine gun, a common practise on the Eastern Front and particularly in the bitter streetfighting at Stalingrad. The half-track has been painted 7021 Schwarzgrau with 30% white added for scale effect.


  • 48 Figures in 15 Poses – 24 mm equal 173 cm Height
    • Staff Officer with Periscope
    • Officer with Binoculars
    • NCO kneeling with captured PPSh41 submachine gun
    • l.MG gunner kneeling, firing MG34 (3)
    • l.MG loader kneeling, supporting MG34 (3)
    • l.MG gunner advancing with MG 42 (3)
    • l.MG loader advancing (3)
    • Panzergrenadier with MP40 (5)
    • Panzergrenadier arming Stickgrenade (5)
    • Panzergrenadier running (5)
    • Panzergrenadier advancing (5)
    • Panzergrenadier advancing cautiously (5)
    • Panzergrenadier standing, firing (5)
    • Panzergrenadier kneeling, firing (2)
    • Panzergrenadier kneeling, firing at upper story window (1)
  • Broken Wall Section (2)
  • Figure Bases (4)


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