Suabian Infantry Regiment Fürstenberg of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763

Suabian Infantry Regiment Fürstenberg of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763

In times of war, the Duchy of Fürstenberg supplied a contingent of 380 men for Kreis-Infanterie-Regiment Fürstenberg, and 68 cavalrymen for Kürassier-Regiment Hohenzollern of the Suabian military district. The owners of Infanterie-Regiments Fürstenberg were the Landgraves of Fürstenberg-Stühlingen, who did not personally command the regiment on campaign. Infanterie-Regiment Fürstenberg had a nominal strength of 1690 men, organised in two battalions of five füsilier companies and one grenadier company each. The regiment also had two 3-pounder battalion guns.

The two grenadier companies of the regiment could be combined with grenadiers of other regiments to form the I. or II. Grenadier-Korps of the imperial army.


  • Graf Notger Wilhelm zu Öttingen-Katzenstein bis 1691
  • Christoph Rudolph Würz von Rudenz, 1691–1699
  • Prosper Ferdinand, Landgraf zu Fürstenberg-Stühlingen, 1699–1705
  • Baron Nicola Friedrich von Enzberg, 1705–1724
  • General-Feldzeugmeister Ludwig August Egon, Landgraf zu Fürstenberg-Weitra, 1724–1759
  • Friedrich Joseph Maximilian, Landgraf zu Fürstenberg-Taikowitz, 1759–1801

Commanding Officers


Campaign History

  • Engagements of Eilenburg and Torgau, 1758
  • Engagement of Maxen, 1759



  • white coat of Austrian cut, with white buttons
  • red collar
  • red lapels with 3 × 2 white buttons
    3 buttons below right lapel, and 3 buttonholes below left lapel
  • red cuffs with 3 buttons
  • red turnbacks
  • white shoulder strap on left shoulder
  • red stock
  • red Kamisol with white button
  • white breeches
  • black gaiters with white buttons
  • black tricorne with white edging and red/white pompom
  • dark brown fur grenadier cap with low white metal plate, red bag, white lace, and red/white pompom


  • Großherzoglich Badisches Linien-Infanterie-Regiment von Harrant Nr. 4, 1806

Infanterie-Regiment Fürstenberg was not considered to be particularly reliable during the Seven Years’ War.

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