German Machine Gun Company, 1939

German Machine Gun Company, 1939

The fourth company in the infantry battalion was a support company, designated Maschinengewehr-Kompanie, with three heavy machine gun platoons and one heavy mortar platoon using 8 cm mortars. When the 12 cm mortar became available, the 8 cm mortar was officially redesignated a medium mortar (mGrW) and the fourth platoon of the MG-Kompanie was partially or fully re-equipped with the heavier 12 cm mortars.

Maschinengewehr-Kompanie, 1939

  • Kompanieführer, company commander
    • Kompanietrupp, company HQ section
      • Kompanietruppführer, HQ section leader
      • Beobachtungs-Unteroffizier, observer
      • Richtkreis-Unteroffizier, range taker
      • Richtkreis-Unteroffizier, range taker
      • Melder, messenger
    • Nachrichtenstaffel, communications section
      • Fernsprechtrupp - wire communications group
      • Funktrupp - radio communications group
  • 1. schwerer Maschinengewehrzug, heavy machine gun platoon
    • Zugführer, platoon commander
    • 1. s.MG-Gruppe, HMG Section
      • s.MG, heavy machine gun
      • s.MG, heavy machine gun
    • 2. s.MG-Gruppe, HMG Section
      • s.MG, heavy machine gun
      • s.MG, heavy machine gun
  • 2. schwerer Maschinengewehrzug, as above
  • 3. schwerer Maschinengewehrzug, as above
  • 4. schwerer Granatwerferzug, mortar platoon
    • Zugführer
    • Zugtrupp, HQ Section
    • 1. schwere Granatwerfergruppe
      • s.GrW 8 cm, mortar
      • s.GrW 8 cm, mortar
    • 2. schwere Granatwerfergruppe, same as above
    • 3. schwere Granatwerfergruppe, same as above
  • Gefechtstross, field kitchen
    • Kompaniefeldwebel (Spieß), Company Sergeant-Major
    • Waffen- und Geräteunteroffizier, weapons and technical NCO
    • Futtermeister, farrier
    • Beschlagschmied, hoofer
    • Feldküche, field kitchen
  • Verpflegungstross, supply wagon
    • Fourier-Unteroffizier Supply NCO
    • Verpflegungstross I, supply wagon
    • Verpflegungstross II, supply wagon
  • Gepäcktross (mot.), baggage transport (motorized)
    • Rechnungsführer, accountant
    • Fahrer, driver
    • Handwerker, craftsman
    • Handwerker, craftsman

Field kitchens were grouped at the battalion level, but detached companies took theirs with them. The Company Sergeant-Major normally remained with the field kitchens. Supply and baggage wagons were grouped at battalion, or the next level above it.

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