British Anti-Tank Regiment, 1944

Table of Organisation & Equipment

British 17 pdr anti-tank gun of an anti-tank regiment

At the beginning of the war, the anti-tank regiment was equipped with 2 pdr anti-tank guns, which were gradually replaced by the more powerful 6 pdr anti-tank guns as they became available. In May 1942, the first 100 Ordonance QF 17/25 pdr anti-tank guns were rushed to Tunisia, to defeat the German Tiger tanks which were encountered there. The 17 pdr went into full-scale production in 1943, and it would eventually equip two of the three anti-tank troops of the anti-tank battery. In 1944, new A.P.D.S. shells became available for 6 pdr and 17 pdr guns, which significantly improved armour penetration capabilities. The anti-tank regiment of the Guards Armoured Division had two self-propelled batteries in 1944, using the 17 pdr Achilles Tank Destroyer.

British Anti-Tank Regiment 1944

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • Anti-Tank Battery
    • Battery Headquarters
    • Anti-Tank Troop
    • Anti-Tank Troop (same as above)
    • Anti-Tank Troop
  • Anti-Tank Battery (same as above)
  • Anti-Tank Battery (same as above)
  • Anti-Tank Battery (same as above)

Wargamers may deploy mixed batteries with 2 pdr and 6 pdr anti-tank troops during the North African campaign, and mixed batteries of 6 pdr and 17 pdr anti-tank troops starting in the 1943 Italian Campaign. As improved anti-tank guns became available, any remaining 2 pdr anti-tank troops would receive the new 6 pdr and 17 pdr anti-tank to replace their obsolete equipment. By 1944, one or more of the anti-tank batteries may be self-propelled, using Achilles 17 pdr Tank Destroyers.

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