Tricorne, a three-cornered hat made of wool felt; evolved around 1690 when the brim of the 17th century wide-brimmed hat was raised on one side, and eventually on three sides. Initially, officers and noblemen wore the tricorne, which became a characteristic item of 18th century civilian dress after 1720. Soldiers wore differently coloured cockades, ribbons, oak leave clusters, and pompoms attached to the brim of the tricorne, to better differentiate friend and foe. Toward the end of the 1780s the military tricorne was replaced by the bicorne, but it remained a common item of civilian dress well into the 19th century.

  English Deutsch Français Italiano Español
a calotte Kalotte calotte calotta, berretta  
b brim Krempe bords tesa, falda  
c lace, edging, trimming Hutborte galon, ruban gallone galón
d   Hutknopf      
e cockade of ribbon Bandkokarde, Schleife noeud de cocarde coccarda di nastri  
f loop Cordon, Agraffe ganse de cocarde laccio, cordone  
g cords, hat tighteners Cordon cordon sottogola del cappello  
h tassel, side pompom Quaste gland nappa borla
i oak leaf cluster Eichenlaub feuilles de chêne mazzetto di foglie di quercia  
k pompom, tuft Puschel pompon fiocco pompón
l frill of feathers Plumage bordure de plumes bordatura di piume  

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