GMC CCKW-353 Truck, 2½ ton, 6×6, Tank

GMC CCKW-353 Truck, 2½ ton, 6×6, Tank w/Winch

Fuel tanker conversions of the standard military 2½ ton cargo truck played an important part in mobile warfare. Tanker trucks transported gasoline and diesel fuel from rear area depots, and rail heads to refueling points near the front. Acting as a mobile gas station, the tanker could refuel two vehicles simultaneously, and it did so in much less time than would be required to refuel from 20 liter fuel cannisters. Fuel tankers were often disguised as regular trucks, using canvas cargo covers, to avoid being singled out during an aerial attack.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • 1:72 CDC 3144 (hard cab)
  • 1:72 CDC 3145 (US Air Force)
  • 1:72 Hasegawa MT21 (soft cab w/Winch)
  • 1:285 GHQ US16 (hard cab)

Technical Specifications

  • GMC CCKW-353 Truck, 2½ ton, 6×6, Tank (with or without Winch)
  • Engine: GMC 270, 6-cylinder, I-I-W-F, 4417 cc, 77.5 KW @ 3000 rpm
  • Transmission: 5F1R, 2 gear ratios
  • Maximum Speed: 72 km/h on roads
  • Length: 6511 mm, 6768 mm w/Winch
  • Width: 2236 mm
  • Height: 2412 mm
  • Wheelbase: 4167 mm, Bogie Centers 1118 mm
  • Weight: 4801 kg
  • Fuel Payload: 375 gallons × 2
  • Crew: Commander, and Driver
  • Production: 1941–1945

Historical Employment

  • US Army (World War 2, Korean War)
  • French Army (World War 2, Indochina Conflict)
  • British Army (World War 2)
  • Bundeswehr & NATO
  • Soviet Army
  • Red Chinese Army
  • Taiwanese Army
  • Phillipine Army

The GMC 2½ ton fuel tanker is an important supply vehicle for wargamers, and it lends itself to a refueling diorama involving a variety of World War 2 and modern aircraft.

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