6 Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun

Airfix 1:76 Scale Artillery Review

British QF 6 Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun, 1:76 Miniatures Airfix 01309.

The British 6 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun produced by Airfix is a very cost-effective wargame classic. The kit includes the 57 mm anti-tank gun, various gunners, and a Bren Carrier with driver. The model shown here is mounted on a 38 mm wide and 51 mm deep wargame stand compatible with Crossfire and other popular game systems.


  • 57 mm L.50 QF 6 Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun
  • Gun Commander kneeling, pointing
  • Gunner kneeling with Shell (2)
  • Gunner standing
  • Bren Gun Carrier
  • Driver


Excellent choice of subject. The Airfix kit of this standard anti-tank gun was developed decades ago and remains popular with collectors and wargamers.

Scale Model with good detail. Rivet heads, hinges, and mechanical parts of the gun elevating mechanism are well done.

Only 15 parts, the QF 6 Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun is easy to build.

The muzzle brake can be drilled open very easily.

The 6 pdr is a partially working model, the barrel can be raised or lowered, and aimed to either side. The gun trails swing into the towing position when the 6 pdr needs to be moved by the Universal Carrier.

The kit includes four gunners, enough to crew the 6 pdr, and provide spare figures for other artillery models which are not as lavishly crewed as this one.

Compatible with Fujimi, Matchbox, Nitto, and VAC-U-CAST.

The British 6 Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun was actually towed by a Lloyd Carrier which offered more ammuntion storage and crew space than the smaller Bren Carrier. The gun was served by a second Lloyd Carrier which transported additional ammunition. If a Lloyd Carrier were available, the Universal Carrier included in this kit could be used to motorize the carrier platoon of the infantry battalion.

The Airfix 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun is an excellent wargame model, it is sold complete with crew and tractor. Two gun stands form a British anti-tank section.

Airfix Modelling

57 mm QF 6 Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun