GMC DUKW-353 »Duck«

Airfix 1:76 Scale Vehicle Review

GMC DUKW-353 Truck, 2½ ton, 6×6, Amphibian »Duck«.

The Airfix kit of the DUKW is very popular in this scale. The amphibious truck may be built with or without the metal covers over the wheel-wells, and the AA machine gun mount is an optional assembly as well. Wargamers may favor the soft plastic DUKW also available from Airfix, but th plastic kit is more detailed and equally affordable. However, the soft plastic version of the Duck is more easily converted to a waterline model, and it may be used to replace the complete model of the Duck during water movement. Doing so adds realism and visual appeal to wargame scenarios at very little cost.


  • GMC DUKW-353 with AA Machine Gun
  • Decal Sheet


Scale model with good detail, although the Airfix kit does not show the same high-quality surface texturing of the ROCO DUKW.

The model may be built with or without the metal covers over the wheel-wells, as can be seen in many historic photos of the Duck.

Compatible with Fujimi, Matchbox, and Nitto.

The material thickness of the separate windshield is not to scale. The actual part should be a thin canvas splash cover with built-in windows. Serious modellers will want to built a replacement part from tissue paper an clear plastic sheet.

The two jerry-can holders at the rear of the vehicle are not built to scale. It will be easy to replace them with more accurate parts built from cardboard. Unfortunately, there are no jerry-cans in the kit.

The AA machine gun is not detailed enough, and there is no commander/gunner figure to use it.

Noticeable ejector pin marks on the winch and inside the vehicle need to be filled prior to painting.

The Airfix kit of the DUKW is fun to build and paint. Wargamers and diorama builders interested in recreating the Normandy Invasion or any of the other important landings will need a number of amphibians of this type.

Airfix Modelling

Truck, 2½ ton, 6×6, Amphibian, GMC DUKW-353 (Duck)