British Commandos, 1940–1945

Airfix 1:32 Scale Figure Review

British Commandos, 1940–1945, 1:32 Miniatures Airfix 51554.

The Airfix 1:32 scale British Commandos were first published in the 1970s. Reduced to 1:76 scale, these miniatures replaced the first edition Airfix Commandos released in 1968. The Commandos are compatible with other 54 mm figures in 1:32 scale.


  • 14 Figures in 7 Poses – 55 mm equal 176 cm Height
    • British Commando Officer with Webley Revolver (1)
    • British Commando with Bren LMG (3)
    • British Commando with Thompson SMG (2)
    • British Commando with Thompson SMG, throwing Handgrenade (2)
    • British Commando with Sten SMG, crawling (2)
    • British Commando firing Lee-Enfield Rifle (2)
    • British Commando bayonetting with Lee-Enfield Rifle (2)
British Commandos, 1:32 Scale Airfix Miniatures 51554.
British Commandos, 1:32 Scale Airfix Miniatures 51554.


Good choice of subject, these Airfix 1:32 scale miniatures are suitable for dioramas and skirmish wargames. The Commandos were featured in Skirmish Wargaming published by Donald Featherstone in 1975.

The Commandos are anatomically correct, and beautifully detailed. They are wearing Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment and the iconic Commando knit cap. This is the industry standard against which figures from other manufacturers must be judged.

The box contains too few poses to create a Commando section of 27 men. There are not enough riflemen, in particular, although 1:32 scale miniatures from other manufacturers may be used to fill the gap. Vickers medium machine guns, 2″ mortars, and PIAT anti-tank projectors need to be scrounged from other figure sets as well.

The number of different poses may be increased by mounting new heads with the beret from Airfix British Paratroops, or with the steel helmet from Matchbox British Infantry of World War Two.

Airfix used these and other poses to launch a second edition of British Commandos in 1:76 scale. Sadly, these figures are no longer in production, and the smaller scale Airfix British Commandos once again include the first edition miniatures from 1968.

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