Amfissa, ancient capital of the Ozolian Locrians, northwest of Delphi. Aeschines, Athenian deputy of the Amphictyonic League, accused the Amfissians of having cultivated sacred ground belonging to the temple of Delphi. The league called for a holy war against the Amfissians, in the course of which Philip II of Macedon attacked and destroyed Amfissa (339–338 BC). Amfissa rose again eventually, and was granted new powers by Augustus. Amfissa, known as Salona for some time, is now called Amfissa again.

The modern city of Amfissa, Capital of the Greek Nomos Phokis and diocese, is surrounded by Mount Giona and Parnassus, it has seven churches, oil, tobacco and grain farming, cordovan production and (1896) 5416 (community 8311) inhabitants. Amfissa has a road connecting the city with its harbour at Itéa.

Source: Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon, 6. Auflage 1905–1909

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