Anhalt Chasseurs à Cheval, 1813

Anhalt Chasseurs à Cheval, 1813, 15 mm Heritage Miniatures.

In the summer of 1813, Napoleon forced the Duchies of Anhalt-Bernburg, Anhalt-Dessau, and Anhalt-Köthen to raise a Chasseur à Cheval regiment of 500 all ranks for service with the French 1st army. The regiment mustered on 20 July 1813, and had received minimal training when it took the field on 14 August, marching in the direction of Dresden. The Anhalt Chasseurs à Cheval took part in the Battle of Kulm, 30 August 1813, in the course of which they were charged and routed by the Austrian dragoon regiment Erzherzog Johann and Russian cuirassiers. The survivors were taken prisoner or fled and made for home.

The 15 mm Heritage miniatures pictured above are French Chasseurs à Cheval, painted as mounted chasseurs of the Duchies of Anhalt. The trumpeter has had his shako replaced by a scratch-built bicorne made from paper. The plume was formed from a drop of white glue. The chasseurs are mounted in pairs on 38 x 32 mm Empire III bases, representing squadrons of 120 men each. At full strength, the regiment should have four squadrons, but this strength could not be maintained on campaign.


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Campaign History

  • Recruitment begins 27 June 1813
  • Regiment musters 20 Juli 1813
  • Regiment takes the field, 14 August 1813
  • Dispersed at the Battle of Kulm, 30 August 1813

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