45 mm PTP M.37 Anti-Tank Gun

45 mm L.46 PTP M.37 Anti-Tank Gun.

In 1930 the Soviet Army received a 37 mm PTP M.30 anti-tank gun, which was a license-built version of the German 37 mm Panzerabwehrkanone. The two guns looked very similar, except that the Soviet 37 mm gun had spoked wire wheels. The same carriage was also used for the more powerful 45 mm PTP M.32 which had better armour penetration capabilities and was taken in widespread use. By 1941, most of the 37 mm anti-tank guns had been relegated to second-line units. The early 45 mm PTP was superseded by the 45 mm PTP M.37 anti-tank gun which is the subject of several model kits.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • 1:35 Maquette (gun and crew)
  • 1:72 adm 7033 (gun and crew)
  • 1:72 Doc Models DM 70032 (gun and crew)
  • 20 mm SHQ FBG-15
  • 1:76 Ostmodels R33
  • 1:285 GHQ R38

Technical Specifications

  • 45 mm L.46 PTP M.1937
  • Calibre: 45 mm
  • Barrel Length: 2070 mm (L.46)
  • Armour Penetration at 0-100 m:
    • A.P.H.E. (1941) 52 mm
    • H.V.A.P. (1942) 64 mm
    • A.P.D.S. (1945) 96 mm


Historical Employment

  • Soviet Army, 1933–1945
    • Light anti-tank gun battery of two or three platoons
    • Light anti-tank gun platoon of two guns

Many of the Soviet 45 mm anti-tank guns were captured by the Wehrmacht during the 1941 campaign. The lost equipment was replaced by more effective 57 mm ZIS-2 and 76.2 mm ZIS-3 anti-tank guns.

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