7.5 cm L.30 Panzerabwehrkanone PaK 50 (f)

7.5 cm PaK 50 (f), Airfix Conversion.

The L.30 PaK 50 (f) was a marriage between the PaK 38 chassis and an unidentified French 75 mm L.29.7 gun, possibly the 75 mm Puteaux tank gun mounted in Char 2C heavy tanks. The L.30 PaK 50 (f) was notorious for its tremendous recoil when A.P.C.R. shells were fired, causing the carriage to jump off the ground, and requiring that the gun be aimed again after each shot. The weapon was only issued to German penal units and Axis allies on the Eastern Front. A model of the PaK 40 may be easily converted to represent this weapon. Shorten the barrel of the PaK 40, leaving just 10 mm of barrel beyond the end of the recoil slider. The PaK 50 (f) had no muzzle brake. The Panzerjägerkanone 50 shown here has been converted from an Airfix PaK 40. The captured Kettenschlepper Bren (e) tractor is a 1:72 scale paper model painted in a Wehrmacht two-colour disruptive camouflage pattern.

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Technical Specifications

  • Designation: 7.5 cm PaK 50 (f)
  • Barrel: French 75 mm L.29.7 Puteaux Tank Gun
  • Carriage: Lower Carriage of the PaK 38
  • Calibre: 75 mm
  • Barrel Length: L.30
  • Armour Penetration at 0-100 m:
    • A.P. (f) 73 mm
    • Panzergranate 40 (A.P.C.R.) 107 mm


Historical Employment

  • Penal Units of the Wehrmacht, Eastern Front 1941–1945
  • Axis Allies of the Wehrmacht, Eastern Front 1941–1945

The 7.5 cm Pak 50 (f) is available as a 1:72 scale model kit manufactured by Attack. Existing 7.5 cm Pak 40 anti-tank guns are easily converted to Pak 50 (f), because both guns used a similar carriage.

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