Soviet Army 76.2 mm ZIS-3 Anti-Tank Gun

Soviet 76 mm L.54 ZIS-3 Anti-Tank Gun.

The 76.2 mm ZIS-3 divisional gun was developed by the design team of A.E. Khvorosteen, E.A. Sankeen, and A.F. Gordeev. The weapon was easy to use, relatively light and manœuvrable. The ZIS-3 had a high rate of fire, and it was powerful enough to penetrate enemy tanks and assault guns of the period. It was a dual purpose gun, which also fired high explosive shells and case shot against infantry and soft targets. German troops soon knew the ZIS-3 by the nickname "Ratsch-Bumm", due to its distinctive firing and impact sound. Captured weapons and ammunition eventually found their way into German and Axis Allied formations, making the ZIS-3 an interesting model for collectors, diorama builders, and wargamers alike.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • 1:35 ZVEZDA 3505
  • 1:72 SKIF 208
  • 1:72 UniModel UM72208 (SKIF)
  • 1:76 Ostmodels R36
  • 1:76 Hinchliffe 20/30
  • 1:76 Milicast R15
  • 1:76 MMS Models G4
  • 1:87 Trident 80181
  • 1:285 GHQ R13

Technical Specifications

  • 76.2 mm L.54 ZIS-3 Anti-Tank Gun M.1942
  • Calibre: 76.2 mm
  • Barrel Length: 4115 mm (L.54)
  • Length: 6100 mm
  • Height: 1375 mm
  • Wheel Track: 1645 mm
  • Weight: 1150 kg
  • Rate of Fire: 25 shots per minute
  • Range: 13300 m
  • Armour Penetration at 0-100 m:
    • Soviet A.P.H.E. (1941) 104 mm
    • Soviet H.V.A.P. (1942) 133 mm
    • German A.P. (Pz.Gr.) 133 mm
    • Soviet A.P.D.S. (1945) 191 mm
    • German A.P.C.R. (Pz.Gr. 40) 193 mm
  • Crew: 6-8 Gunners


Historical Employment

  • Soviet Army, 1942–1945

Self-Propelled Mountings

  • Romanian T-60 Tacam Tank Destroyer
  • Romanian R-2 Tacam Tank Destroyer

The Soviet 76.2 mm ZIS-3 anti-tank gun quickly became the most numerous artillery piece on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War. The ZIS-3 fired an effective high explosive shell and it proved very successful as an anti-tank gun. Wargamers will want a section of these guns to provide their infantry with proper support.

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