Outlaws and Sheriffs

Atlantic 1:72 Scale Antique Figure Review

Outlaws and Sheriffs, 1:72 Miniatures Atlantic.

These 23 mm Outlaws and Sheriffs by Atlantic have been painted with Artist Acrylics. The scenery is a scratch-built Italianate false front made of cardboard and wood. The adjacent Gunsmith «Freund & Bro.» comes from an antique H0 scale plastic kit made by Kibri. These antique Atlantic miniatures were first released in 1977.

  • Miniatures in 10 Posen – 23 mm equal 166 cm height
    • Sheriff
    • Female Gunfighter
    • Woman with Winchester
    • Outlaw with Winchester, standing, firing
    • Outlaw with Winchester, advancing, firing
    • Outlaw with revolver and money bag
    • Outlaw with money bags, falling
    • Mounted Outlaw
    • Wounded Outlaw, being dragged by his horse
    • Hanged victim

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