Ancient Egyptian Chariots

Nexus / Atlantic 1:72 Scale Figure Review

Ancient Egyptian Cavalry Chariots, 1:72 Nexus Atlantic 1802.

The war chariot was introduced to Egypt by the Hyksos around 1650 b.C. The Egyptians recognized the combat value of the chariot, and they considerably improved it, making the vehicle lighter and more manœuvrable. If necessary, a single man could carry a chariot on his shoulders. For nearly one thousand years charioteers formed the elite of the Egyptian army. The Pharao himself rode into battle on a war chariot. Nexus re-released the Atlantic Egyptian Chariots which are popular with wargamers and diorama builders alike. The box offers excellent value for money: six chariots and the selection of four different charioteers should be enough to raise an impressive Egyptian cavalry force for wargames.


  • 18 Figures in 4 Poses – 24 mm equal 173 cm Height
    • Pharao with Bow (3)
    • Charioteer with Sword (6)
    • Charioteer waving Bow (6)
    • Charioteer firing Bow (3)
  • Two-Horse Chariot (6)
Ancient Egyptian Chariots.
Ancient Egyptian Chariots.


Excellent choice of subject, these Atlantic figures may be used to raise an Egyptian army for DBA. The spare charioteers in this set can be used to fill the ranks of infantry units.

Good value for money, the set includes six chariots with a choice of four different drivers. Surplus charioteers may be used to raise skirmish infantry units of the Egyptian army.

The figures are naked except for the loin cloth, and they have been sculpted correctly. Facial features, anatomical details, weapons and shields will be fun to paint.

Useful wargaming poses. These Egyptian figures appear realistic and they will look nicely compatible when mounted on wargame infantry stands.

The painting examples on the box cover are an inspiration to miniature painters.

Compatible with ESCI, and Italeri.

The figures are exceptionally tall, especially considering the fact that ancient peoples were much shorter than we are today. Average figure height varies, as it should, but even the shortest of these figures turns out much too tall.

The chariot is too small to accomodate the typical crew of two men, the driver and an archer. One of the charioteers may be converted to represent the driver, and the figure bases will have to be cut off to allow two figures to fit into the chariot. Alternatively, a new chariot may be scratchbuilt from paper or plastic card.

The wheel rims and spokes are much too thick, they make the Egyptian chariot appear heavier than it actually was. Skilled modellers may want to build lighter wheels from stretched sprue spokes and plastic card rims.

The horses are cast without bases, and it can be difficult to mount them on a wargame stand securely.

Historical Employment

  • DBA Army – Ancient Egyptians

Possible Conversions

  • The variety of poses may be increased by swapping heads among the figures.


The Atlantic figures are a must-have for wargamers and diorama builders interested in the ancient Egyptians.

Sample from Nexus

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