Austrian Dragoon Regiment Deux-Ponts of the Seven Years’ War, 1757–1763

Austrian Dragoon Regiment Deux-Ponts of the Seven Years’ War, 1757–1763.

By convention dated 9 September 1701, Markgraf Christian Ernst von Brandenburg-Bayreuth raised a dragoon regiment of four companies for imperial service. The regiment was later increased by eight companies recruited in Bohemia. Between 1757 and 1781 the current Pfalzgraf von Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld acted as Inhaber of the regiment.

In 1760, Dragoner-Regiment Zweibrücken was converted to a Chevauleger-Regiment. During the Seven Years’ War the regiment fought at the Battles of Prag, Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen, and Hochkirch.


  • GFWM, later FML August Graf Porporati, 1753–1757
  • G.d.C., later FM Carl Friedrich Pfalzgraf von Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld, 1757–1760
  • Oberst Carl August Pfalzgraf von Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld, 1760–1781

Commanding Officer

  • Oberst Carl Graf Caramelli de Castiglione-Fallet, 1754–1758
  • Oberst Wolfgang von Thümel, 1758–1759
  • Oberst Friedrich August Prinz von Nassau-Usingen, 1759–1764


  • dark blue coat with yellow buttons
  • red lapels with seven buttons and buttonholes left and right
  • red cuffs with three buttons
  • red turnbacks
  • red shoulder strap left
  • red aiguillette right
  • black stock
  • red vest with six yellow buttons
  • light straw-coloured breeches
  • black gaiters with yellow buttons for dismounted service
  • white boot cuffs and tall black riding boots for mounted service
  • black tricorne with yellow border, and black cockade with yellow button
  • red saddlecloth with yellow border, and black and white rhombical design
  • black pistol holsters, with red holster covers and border design as above
  • round red mantlesack with border design as above
  • black leather bridle

Campaign History

  • Engagement at Reichenberg, 1757
  • Engagement at Jungbunzlau, 1757
  • Battle of Prag, 1757
  • Battle of Kolin, 1757
  • Battle at Breslau, 1757
  • Battle of Leuthen, 1757
  • Ambush at Domstadtl, 1758
  • Engagement at Holitz, 1758
  • Battle of Hochkirch, 1758
  • Attached to the Reichsarmee, 1759
  • Engagement at Strehla, 1760
  • Campaign in Saxony, 1761
  • Engagement at Döbeln, 1762
  • Engagement at Wilsdruf, 1762
  • Engagement at Dippoldiswalde, 1762

Dragoner-Regiment Zweibrücken was distinguished from Dragoner-Regiment Batthyany by its red shoulder strap.


Austrian Dragoons of the Seven Years’ War