Carinthian Landwehr Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars, 1809–1814

Carinthian Landwehr Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars, 1809–1814, 1:30 Miniature del Prado.

The duchy of Carinthia was authorized by imperial decree dated 9 Juni 1808 to raise five Landwehr battalions, three in Klagenfurt and two in Villach. These battalions had a strength of 750 to 800 men in six companies, although the actual campaign strength may have been lower. It was common practise to converge Landwehr battalions to bring them up to strength for an impeding engagement.

Officers of the Carinthian Landwehr wore green double-breasted coatees with silver buttons, green facings with red edging, red collar with silver lace, red cuffs with two silver buttons, and red turnbacks; grey Hungarian breeches with red thigh knots, black boots with green trim, black sabre belts, and a bicorne or top hat with the national cockade on the left side.

Non-commissioned officers wore a similar uniform, but without the collar lace, with plain grey breeches, and short black gaiters reaching just below the knee. The soldiers received grey double-breasted tunics with silver buttons and red edging, grey cuffs with red edging, and red turnbacks; grey breeches, short black gaiters, black leather crossbelts, and the usual brown calfskin Tornister knapsack.

Carinthian Landwehr, 1809

  • 1. Klagenfurt Landwehrbataillon
  • 2. Klagenfurt Landwehrbataillon
  • 3. Klagenfurt Landwehrbataillon
  • 1. Villach Landwehrbataillon
  • 2. Villach Landwehrbataillon


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Austrian Landwehr Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars