Bavarian Infanterie-Regiment Kurbayern
1. Bayerisches Kreis-Regiment

Kaiserliche Reichs Executions Armée, 1756–1763

Bavarian Infantry Regiment von Pechmann designated 1. Bayerisches Kreis-Regiment, Infanterie-Regiment Kurbayern.

The I. Bataillon and the 1. Grenadier-Kompanie of Infanterie-Regiment von Holnstein joined I. and II. Bataillon, and 1. Grenadier-Kompanie of Infanterie- Regiment von Pechmann to form the 1. Bayerische Kreis-Regiment (Infanterie-Regiment Kurbayern), which also had six 4-pounder battalion guns attached. The regiment missed the Battle of Rossbach, because it was detailed to Freiberg, Saxony, in 1757.

The soldiers of the combined Infanterie-Regiments Kurbayern continued to wear the uniforms of their parent regiments von Pechmann and von Holnstein. The picture shows an infantryman of IR von Pechmann, wearing a blue coat with straw facings, white vest and white breeches. Musketeers wore tricorne hats with yellow edging, grenadiers had bearskin caps with red bags. Officer’s shabraques and pistol holster covers were in the facing colour, edged in the button colour.


  • Regimental Staff
  • Grenadier Company von Holnstein
  • Grenadier Company von Pechmann
  • 4 Füsilier Companies von Holnstein
  • 8 Füsilier Companies von Pechmann
  • 2 Battalion Guns von Holnstein
  • 4 Battalion Guns von Pechmann

Campaign History

  • Weißenfels, 1757
  • Sebastiansberg, 1758
  • Sonnenstein, 1758
  • Dresden, 1759
  • Meissen, 1759
  • Dippoldiswalde, 1759
  • Schlacht bei Strehla, 1760
  • Schlacht bei Torgau, 1760
  • Einnahme von Wittenberg, 1760
  • Plauen, 1761
  • Schlacht bei Freiberg, 1762

Infanterie-Regiment Kurbayern returned to Cham in the Upper Palatinate in February 1763, and it was disbanded the following month, when its component battalions of von Pechmann and von Holnstein returned to their peace-time garrisons.

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