On Campaign
The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco

Peter Cozzens, D. Scott Hartwig

On Campaign, The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco.

On Campaign features dozens of previously unpublished works of Keith Rocco, to include drawings from his sketchbooks and paintings commissioned for private and corporate collections

In style, subject matter, quality, and inspiration, Keith Rocco’s work evokes the masters of historical art. Rocco has earned acclaim as one of the most respected artists painting today.

In 1985, Uniformes Magazine proclaimed him as an artist "in the tradition of Remington and Detaille". In 1987, his first limited edition print was issued to the market. Since then, American History Illustrated, Civil War Times Illustrated, Confederate Veteran, America’s Civil War, Strategy and Tactics, Uniformes Magazine, and Virginia’s Civil War have all featured his work on their covers. His art has graced the dustjackets of numerous books on the Civil War, including Peter Cozzens’ No Better Place to Die, This Terrible Sound, and The Shipwreck of Their Hopes.

Keith Rocco’s paintings hang in every major collection of historical art in the United States and in prestigious institutions abroad. In 1992, Rocco was commissioned to create three huge murals for the new Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

Today Rocco lives and paints in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. He can often be found exploring its battlefields, touching the past to better convey it on canvas: "The point is to make history something real, something that carries the viewer out of himself and into another world, where it is his response, literally, that keeps history alive.


  • Title: On Campaign – The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco
  • Period: American Civil War
  • Type: Uniform Guide
  • Author: Peter Cozzens, D. Scott Hartwig
  • Editor: Dana F. Lombardy
  • Illustrator: Keith Rocco
  • Format: 96-page book with 66 illustrations
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: The Emperor’s Press, Chicago, Illinois
  • ISBN: 1883476011
  • Published: 1994

Chapters and Illustrations

  1. Historical Art in Perspective
    • Cleburne at Ringgold Gap (1994)
    • Berdan’s Sharpshooters at Gettysburg (1991)
    • Union Infantry Lieutenant (1986)
  2. The Artist
    • Fix Bayonets! – Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine at Little Round Top (1994)
    • First Sergeant (1986)
    • Illustrations for Civil War Times Illustrated (1986)
    • A section of the mural at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum (1992)
  3. In Camp
    • Sunday Morning in Camp (1993)
    • The Fifes and the Drums (1994)
    • Drummer, 5th Corps (1987)
    • The Outpost (1990)
    • The Bivouac: Meade at Gettysburg (1993)
    • A Short Rest (1986)
  4. On The March
    • Federal Infantry Bugler (1993)
    • Confederate Infantry Bugler (1993)
    • Confederate Reconnaissance (1990)
    • Skirmishing (1990)
    • Confederate Study (1994)
    • Confederate Officers in the Valley (1993)
    • Confederate Cavalry Bugler (1985)
    • Cavalry Reconnaissance (1985)
    • Scouting the Ford (1994)
    • The Color Guard of the 6th and 15th Texas Consolidated (1991)
    • Confederate Color Bearer (1994)
    • The Veteran (1993)
    • Thomas, The Rock of Chickamauga (1989)
    • In Reserve: The Bombardment of Lookout Mountain (1994)
  5. The Battle Cry
    • The Stonewall: Jackson at Manassas (1986)
    • Port Republic (1988)
    • 5th New York at Gaines Mill (1991)
    • Through the Cornfield (1987)
    • Eye to Eye Along the Hagerstown Turnpike (1987)
    • Counterattack: The West Woods (1987)
    • Pickets in Fredericksburg (1986)
    • Retreat (1988)
    • Confederate Cavalry Bugler (1993)
    • Carolinians Forward (1992)
    • Sergeant, 2nd Wisconsin (1992)
    • The Chosen Ground: General John Reynolds and the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg (1993)
    • Joshua Chamberlain (1987)
    • The Defense of Little Round Top by the 20th Maine (1987)
    • The Burden of Command: Longstreet and Pickett at Gettysburg (1991)
    • James Longstreet (1993)
    • Pickett’s Charge: Hell for Glory (1993)
    • To the Last Round: The 21st Ohio at Horseshoe Ridge, Chickamauga (1992)
    • Never Forsake the Colors! The 93rd Illinois at Tunnel Hill (1994)
    • Into the Wilderness: The 140th and 146th New York at Sanders’ Field (1990)
    • On the Rim of the Volcano: Battle of Franklin, Tennessee (1992)
    • Fort Gregg, Petersburg (1993)
  6. The Aftermath
    • Island of Mercy: The Pry Mill at Antietam (1994)
    • Friend or Foe (1994)
    • Where the Colors Stood (1994)
    • Lee at Appomattox (1988)

On Campaign, The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco, is a must-have for figure painters, military modellers, and wargamers interested in the history of the American Civil War. Keith Rocco’s paintings show Union and Confederate troops as they truly appeared on campaign, and the terrain they fought in. Diorama builders will be inspired to recreate some of the scenes in miniature.

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