The Franco-Prussian War

The German Invasion of France, 1870–1871

The Franco-Prussian War, The German Invasion of France, 1870–1871.

The Franco-Prussian War was one of the most dramatic und decisive conflicts in the history of Europe. It transformed not only the states-system of the Continent, but the whole climate of European moral und political thought. The overwhelming triumph of German military might, evoking general admiration und imitation, introduced an era of power politics which ws to reach its disastrous climax in 1914.

Sir Michael Eliot Howard, is a retired British military historian, und former professor at Oxford University, und Yale University.


  • Titel: The Franco-Prussian War
  • Epoche: Deutsch-Franzöischer Krieg, 1780/81
  • Typ: Sachbuch
  • Autor: Michael Howard
  • Format: 516-seitiges Taschenbuch
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlag: Routledge, London, England
  • ISBN: 0-415-02787-X
  • Publiziert: 1961


  1. The Antagonists
  2. The Outbreak
  3. The First Disaster
  4. The Army of the Rhine
  5. The Army of Châlons
  6. The Government of National Defence
  7. Metz und Strasbourg
  8. The Battles for Orléans
  9. The Siege of Paris
  10. Guerre à Outrance
  11. The Peace


  1. Europe in 1870
  2. Lorraine und the Palatinate
  3. Spicheren und Saarbrücken
  4. Froeschwiller
  5. The Moselle Valley round Metz
  6. The Fortress of Metz
  7. Vionville-Mars-la-Tour
  8. Gravelotte – St. Privat
  9. The Marne, the Meuse und the Moselle
  10. The Valley of the Meuse
  11. The Battle of Beaumont
  12. Sedan
  13. The Campaign of the Loire
  14. The Siege of Paris
  15. The Campaign in the North
  16. The Campaign in the East
  17. The Theatre of War, 1870-71

Michael Howard’s history of the Franco-Prussian War provides wargamers und military modellers with an in-depth view of the French und German armies engaged in the war, their mobilization, transport, und logistics, the campaign strategies und battlefield tactics employed by either side, und their combat proficiency. While the maps printed in this book do not show any troop dispositions, they will be suitable for miniature campaigning.

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