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Russian mounted eger regiment Nezhin, 1812.
Russian mounted eger regiment Nezhin, 1812
Kirghiz cavalry, 1812.
Kirghiz cavalry, 1812

Russian Uniform Plates for the 1812 Campaign

Four sets with a total of 128 wonderfully detailed and historically accurate colour plates, featuring infantry, cavalry, artillery and militia units which participated in the 1812 campaign against Napoléon’s Grande Armée:

  1. Infantry & Artillery. Drawings of line infantry, guard, Eger, limbers, ammo and supply wagons, mortars, guns and howitzers.
  2. Cavalry. Excellent drawings of many regiments, including Cossacks, Kirghiz and Bashkirs.
  3. Opolchenie (Militia). Many regiments of infantry and cavalry are featured, an amazing reference work for anyone interested in this period of warfare.
  4. Accoutrements, drums, lances, sabres, pistols, epaulettes, belts, artillery implements and much more.

The plates are currently out of print, but every effort is being made to locate remaining inventory at antiquarian bookstores, museum stores and similar sources.

These 14.85 × 10.5 cm (DIN A6) colour plates are truly amazing and they feature a wide range of Russian units which have not been covered in any of the other sources of uniform information. On the back of each card is a description of the unit and its service record. Texts are in Russian. These sets are a must have for the collector and miniature wargamer interested in raising historically accurate Russian regiments for the war of 1812. We are hoping that the sets will be reprinted and that they may become available again to a larger audience.

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