Curb bit with curb chain.

A bridle is a piece of horse furniture used to direct the horse. The bridle consists of the bit, the headgear which holds the bit in the horse’s mouth, and the reins attached to it. Curb bits like the pelham bit or Weymouth curb apply lever action to the horse’s mouth, whereas the less painful snaffle bit excerts direct pressure. The hackamore is type of bitless bridle, where a noseband is used to control the horse.

  English Deutsch Français
a snaffle bit Unterlegetrense mors de filet
b crownpiece Genickstück têtière
c curb cheekpiece Kandarenbackenstück montant de la muserolle
d snaffle cheekpiece Trensenbackenstück montant du filet
e browband Stirnriemen frontal
f throatlatch (US), throatlash (UK) Kehlriemen sous-gorge
g noseband Nasenriemen muserolle
h curb reins Kandarenzügel rêne de bride
i curb chain, curb strap Kinnkette gourmette, sous-barbe
k snaffle reins Trensenzügel rêne de filet
l curb bit Kandare mors de bride


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