Death Korps Drab

Citadel Base 21-40

Death Korps Drab, Citadel Base 21-40.

Citadel Base 21-40 »Death Korps Drab« compared to »Yellow Olive RAL 6014« and the slightly more brownish Humbrol 116 »US Dark Green«.

Citadel Base 21-40 »Death Korps Drab« is a base colour for uniforms and equipment of the »Death Korps of Krieg« in the Warhammer 40.000 universe.

Citadel Base 21-40 »Death Korps Drab«, tinted with zinc white or light grey for aerial perspective, is a surprisingly good match for the S.C.C. № 15 Olive Drab base colour of British vehicles and equipment.

British Army Camouflage Patterns, 1930–1945