Prussian Artillery Blue

Prussian Artillery Blue.

Prussian battalion gun with medium blue carriage and blackened metal fittings. The exceptional saturation, opacity and longevity of modern paints needs to be counter-balanced in historical miniature painting by the use of desaturated and shaded colours, followed by weathering.

Prussian Artillery Blue

  • Prussian Gun Mid Blue, Foundry COL106
  • Steel Blue, Kreul 75.518
  • PRIMAcryl: 1 × 13.431 »Indigo« + 1 × 13.101 »Titanium White«
Prussian Foot Artillery, 1:72 HäT 8007.

Desaturated medium blue painted on a Prussian Foot Artillery gun carriage by HäT. The colour was mixed from equal parts of PRIMAcryl »Indigo« and »Titanium White« and brushed over a white primer base. PRIMAcryl 13.789 »Neutral Grey« was used for the black fittings, shakos, boots and bandoliers.

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