Field Grey No. 3

Field Grey No. 3 RAL 6006.

»Field Grey No. 3«, RAL 6006, our mixture of equal parts Lascaux 961 »Yellow Ochre« and PRIMAcryl 13.792 »Ivory Black«, compared to Vallejo 70.888 »Grey Olive RAL 6006« and Tamiya XF-51 »Khaki Drab«.

Grey Olive RAL 6006, Vallejo Model Color 70.888, compared to the actual dark olive camouflage paint on a German rangefinder S.F. 14 Z. »Rabbit Ears«.

»Field Grey No. 3«, RAL 6006, successor of »Field Grey No. 2«, from 1935 to 1945 the base colour for steel helmets, gas mask canisters, mess tins, field flask drinking cups, entrenching tools, ammunition boxes and other Kleingerät. From 1937, on the other hand, small equipment carried on vehicles was painted in the new base colour »Dark Grey No. 46«.

The roofs of passenger cars of the Deutsche Reichsbahn were painted RAL 6006 »Grey Olive« until 1941.

Field Grey No. 3

  • Field Grey RAL 6006, AK Real Color RC048
  • FS 34096
  • Grey Olive RAL 6006, HATAKA B151
  • WW1 Green (RFC), Humbrol 108
  • Revell Aqua Color: 361.65 Bronze Green + 36.302 Black
  • Revell Email Color: 32.310 Lufthansa Yellow + 32.380 Khaki RAL 8000
  • Field Grey RAL 6006, Testors Model Master 2148
  • Khaki Drab, Tamiya XF-51
  • Grey Olive RAL 6006, Vallejo Model Color 70.888
  • German Grey RAL 6006, Vallejo Model Air 71.268

There are a number of recommendations for the »Field Grey« #4D5D53 of the German Feldbluse (Field Tunic): Revell 361.66 »Olive Grey«, 361.67 »Green Grey«, Vallejo 70.380 »German Field Grey«, 70.866 »Grey Green«, 70.881 »Yellow Green«, and 70.880 »Khaki Grey«, Humbrol 27 »Sea Grey«, 75 »Bronze Green«, 79 »Blue Grey«, 106 »Ocean Grey« or 111 »Field Grey«, and Tamiya XF-22 »RLM Grey« or XF-65 »Field Grey«.

German Camouflage Patterns of World War Two