Leek Green

Leek Green.

Leek green is a yellowish green colour that tends towards brown and also constitutes the transition into the same. One finds this colour sometimes darker sometimes lighter, depending on whether there is more or less of one or the other associated colour in the mixture. It got its name from garlic. Olive green also belongs to this variation, but it is actually the dark leek green, falling more into brown, which has been so called. Incidentally, it matches the painters’ sap green quite well. Of this colour is the prasem (from Breitenbrunn near Schwarzenberg in Saxony), the poor chrysoprase (from Silesia), the leek green river, the crysolite, the green actinolite.

Source: Von den äußerlichen Kennzeichen der Foßilien, abgefaßt von Abraham Gottlob Werner, Vienna 1785