»Vert PIR OTAN«, successor of »Vert Kaki«, the French Army’s NATO Olive in the foreground and, tinted with 15 % white, on a World Tanks Depot AMX-30 Main Battle Tank behind. The designation »PIR« (protection infra rouge) refers to a special paint designed to reduce the infrared signature of the vehicle. The slightly greener »Vert PIR OTAN« may be mixed from equal parts of »Yellow Olive RAL 6014« and Tamiya XF-13 »Japanese Army Green«.

Vert PIR OTAN 24X5 / 34X5

  • Vert IR OTAN, AK-Interactive AK-11364
  • Vert IR OTAN, Hataka Hobby HTK-C122
  • Yellow Olive RAL 6014 + Tamiya XF-13 »J.A. Green«

In the field, vehicles painted with an olive base colour were adapted to specific terrain conditions by means of mud camouflage, using sandy loam. In winter, slaked lime was applied as snow camouflage.

NATO Camouflage Patterns, 1949–today