Yellow, the colour sensation evoked in a normal eye by wavelengths ranging from 0.000585 to 0.000535 mm of the visible spectrum. Of all the colours of the spectrum, these yellow rays of light have the greatest luminosity. For every simple yellow, a simple blue can be found in the blue part of the spectrum, which combines to white. Therefore, spectral yellow and spectral blue are complementary. A blue pigment mixed with a yellow results in green, however, because the blue pigment absorbs the red and yellow rays, and the yellow pigment absorbs the blue and violet rays, so that green predominates in the reflected light. See colour symbolism.

While blue rays of light produce the greatest photographic effect, the yellow ones are ineffective in this respect; on the other hand, their chemical action is of the greatest importance for the life of plants, since the decomposition of carbonic acid in parts of plants containing chlorophyll takes place particularly under the influence of the yellow rays.

Shades of Yellow

Single Pigment Colours

A small overview of yellow (PY) single pigment colours suitable for miniatures, models, and dioramas.

  • Medium Yellow (PY 74, semi-opaque), Ferrario 05
  • Lemon Yellow (PY 3, semi-opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.205
  • Vanadium Yellow light (PY 184, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.206
  • Brilliant Yellow (PY 154, semi-opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.209
  • Vanadium Yellow deep (PY 184, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.210
  • Cadmium Yellow* mid (PY 35 cadmium zinc sulfide, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.211
  • Naples Yellow dark (PBr 24, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.673
  • Translucent Golden Yellow (PY 150, transparent), PRIMAcryl 13.674
  • Iron Oxide Yellow (PY 42, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.676
  • Barite Yellow, BLOCKX Artist Oils 413
  • Primary Yellow, BLOCKX Artist Oils 510
  • Nickel Titanium Yellow , BLOCKX Artist Oils 512
  • Lemon Yellow, BLOCKX Artist Oils 612
  • Kadmium* light, BLOCKX Artist Oils 713
  • Kadmium* medium, BLOCKX Artist Oils 715

Mixed Pigment Colours

  • Golden Yellow, Citadel Colour 83335
  • Daffodil Yellow RAL 1007, Dupli-Color Deco Matt Spray
  • Pale Yellow, Humbrol 81
  • Lemon Yellow, Humbrol 99
  • Indian Yellow (PY 110, PY 154, translucent), PRIMAcryl 13.212
  • Medieval Yellow (PY 53, PW 6, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.203
  • Titanium Yellow greenish (PY 53, PG 19, semi-opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.204
  • Titanium Yellow (PY 53, PY 155, PW 6, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.208
  • Naples Yellow light (PBr 24, PY 53, semi-opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.672
  • Ivory (PY 42, PG 17, PW 6, opaque), PRIMAcryl 13.786
  • Yellow RAL 1017, matt, Revell 361.15
  • Flat Yellow, Tamiya XF-3
  • Gold Yellow, Vallejo Game Color 72.007


* contains Cadmium.

Source: Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon, 6. Auflage 1905–1909

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