Conversion of 1:30 Scale Jean Höfler Indians

Plains Indians, 1:30 Miniatures Jean Höfler.

Antique 1:30 scale Plains Indians by Jean Höfler are fun and easy to convert. Heads, arms, legs and upper bodies are nicely compatible and quite interchangeable. The individual parts may be welded with a soldering iron, or pinned with piano wire and glued together. Cracks and holes are closed with filler wax, and missing or damaged hair reconstructed with modelling wax.

The body of the yellow miniature, pictured in the centre, comes from the standing warrior with carbine if07. The figure has received a different right arm with bowie knife, taken from if18, and a new head with war bonnet from if01. The yellow and blue Indian next to him has the legs of the now headless if01 and the upper body of the warrior named «Thundercloud» if15. His unarmed right hand, supporting his leap across a pile of rocks, has been replaced by the right hand of his neighbour if07, with the shaft of the carbine cut down and carved into a knife. The hand and forearm were carefully molten over a flame and then joined in the desired position. The rim of excess material all around this butt joint may be painted to represent a bracelet. The red and blue warrior has the legs of if16 and the upper body of the kneeling bowman if02. These conversion will be difficult to detect, once the figures are painted.

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