Mameluke Kettle Drummer of the French Imperial Guard, 1805

del Prado 1:30 Scale Figure Review

del Prado Miniature: Mameluke Kettle Drummer of the Imperial Guard, 1805.

The del Prade Mameluke figure represents a kettle drummer of the Mamelouk band of the Imperial Guard, photographed on the Pratzen Heights. At the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, the Mameluke squadron of the garde impériale helped defeat the Russian Chevalier Guard cavalry regiment, while fighting alongside the Chasseurs à Cheval of the garde impériale.

The Mameluke kettle drummer may be deployed alongside del Prado’s Guard Chasseur à Cheval, since both figures are modelled with their horses at rest. Unfortunately, the Chasseur à Cheval is wearing the service dress uniform without the pelisse, which was not worn at the Battle of Austerlitz, and which would date the Chasseur and Mamelouk scene to 1809 or later.


Horse and rider are anatomically correct.

The piano wire drum sticks are cast into the figure’s hands. They are modelled to scale, and they won’t bend or break.

The 16-page Osprey booklet contains many colourful illustrations, and it describes the conflict between the Mamelukes and Napoleon’s army in Egypt. Napoleon was quite impressed by the Mamelukes, and he raised a squadron of these exotic horsemen for service in his Imperial Guard.

Compatible with 1:30 scale military and civilian miniatures made by King & Country.

The kettle drummer’s horse is too tall, 170 cm is suitable for a heavy cavalry horse. The Arabian horse is between 145 and 155 cm tall at the shoulder.

The figure is advertised as a drummer, but it is a kettle drummer, in fact.

The Osprey booklet shows the kettle drummer in different colours than the actual model. If Osprey is right, the figure should have red trousers and a green shabraque.

This del Prado Mameluke is a wonderful 1:30 scale miniature of an exotic horseman of the Napoleonic Wars. The kettle drummer makes a colourful centrepiece for a diorama of French Guard Cavalry.

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