Primer Grey

Dupli-Color 132636

Dupli-Color Primer Grey for Wargame Miniatures.

These 25 mm plastic Perry Miniatures of Confederate Infantry have been undercoated with Dupli-Color Primer Grey. The spray proved difficult to control, resulting in an uneven coverage of the miniatures. The figure on the left has received much more undercoating than the two figures in the center. The surface of the undercoat is smoother, and some of the figure’s surface detail has been obscured by paint. The two soldier in the center have a rougher and spottier surface texture. The spotty undercoat is still visible even after the trousers of the second figure from the left have been painted. These Perry Miniatures should have been undercoated with an airbrush to achieve better results.

Dupli-Color Primer Grey for Wargame Miniatures.

Dupli-Color Primer Grey is an acrylic paint suitable for undercoating metal and plastic wargame miniatures en masse. Expert miniatures painters, however, will find this undercoating leaves much to be desired. Plastic miniatures made of polystyrene are best undercoated with an airbrush, to ensure that fine surface detail remains visible.

Dangerous Components

Dangerous Components listed in the Safety data sheet of 13.09.2022

  • acetone (67-64-1)
  • n-butyl acetate (123-86-4)
  • propane (74-98-6)
  • butane (106-97-8)
  • cellulose nitrate (9004-70-0)
  • isobutane (75-28-5)
  • xylene
  • trizinc bis (7779-90-0)
  • ethanol (64-17-5)
  • 2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate (108-65-6)
  • titanium(IV) oxide (13463-67-7)
  • n-formylmorpholine (4394-85-8)
  • maleic anhydride (108-31-6)

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