Chocolate Brown RAL 8017

Dupli-Color Deco Matt Acrylic Spray

Prince August 40 mm Wargame Miniatures undercoated in Chocolate Brown RAL 8017, Dupli-Color Deco Matt Acrylic Spray.

These 40 mm white metal Prince August miniatures have been undercoated with Dupli-Color Deco Matt Acrylic »Chocolate Brown«. The acrylic spray paint was much easier to control than the Dupli-Color Primer Grey from the same manufacturer, resulting in a thin and even coat of brown. The matt acrylic paint adheres well, dries quickly, and may be painted with acrylic paints from other manufacturers. A brown undercoat was chosen, because the greater part of these miniatures, namely the horses, will be painted brown or chestnut (sorrel). Undercoating miniatures in the dominant uniform colour is an aspect of speed painting.

Dupli-Color Deco Matt Acrylic »Chocolate Brown«.

Dupli-Color Deco Matt Acrylic »Chocolate Brown« is an acrylic paint suitable for undercoating metal and plastic wargame miniatures en masse. Cheap acrylic spray paints allow large numbers of figures and horses to be undercoated very efficiently.


Components listed in safety data sheet of 20.11.2019:

  • dimethyl ether (115-10-6)
  • cyclohexane (110-82-7)
  • 2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate (108-65-6)
  • n-hexane (110-54-3)
  • methacrylic acid (79-41-4)
  • cyclohexane (110-82-7)
  • n-hexane (110-54-3)

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