British Artillery and Heavy Machine Guns of World War One, 1916–1918

EMHAR 1:72 Scale Figure Review

British Artillery and heavy Machine Guns, World War One 1916–1918, 1:72 Miniatures EMHAR 7202.

British artillerymen and infantry wearing the steel helmet. The miniatures are suitables for wargames and dioramas of both World Wars. The 18 pdr field guns included in this set may be used in dioramas of the 1940 campaign in France if they are fitted with new wheels sporting rubber tires. Experienced modellers will find this conversion interesting and not too difficult. The infantry figures may be used to represent Australian, New Zealand or Indian infantry of World War Two. Modellers will want to increase the variety of poses by attaching different heads to these troops and mixing them with similar figures from other manufacturers.


  • 24 Figures in 6 Poses – 24 mm Height equals 173 cm
    • Officer with Binoculars (service cap)
    • Advancing Artilleryman with Shell
    • Kneeling Artilleryman
    • Machine Gunner with Vickers HMG
    • Standing firing Infantryman
    • Advancing Infantryman with fixed Bayonet
  • Two 18 pdr Field Guns
British Artillery and heavy Machine Guns, World War One 1916–1918, 1:72 Miniatures EMHAR 7202


Excellent choice of subject. British Artillerymen of World War One wearing the steel helmet are unique in this scale.

Sculpted by Bill Farmer.

Compatible with ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, and Reviresco.

Detail and casting quality are not equal to the Italeri or Revell standard.

Obvious mould lines across helmets.

Two of these six figures were already included in the British infantry set available from the same manufacturer (EMHAR 2001).

The separate leg of the machine gun tripod is difficult to attach, because the soft plastic cannot be glued securely.

There is no assistant machine gunner in the set.

Ammunition boxes and individual shells are not included in the kit.

Limbers and limber horses are not included.

Historical Employment

  • British and Commonwealth Infantry 1916–1918
  • British Artillerymen 1916–1918
  • ANZAC Artillerymen 1942
  • ANZAC Infantry 1942

Possible Conversions

  • British Artillerymen 1914–1916.
    The figures are fitted with new heads wearing the service cap.
  • King’s African Rifles, 1914–1918
  • 18 pdr Field Gun 1940
    The field gun may be upgraded by adding new wheels with rubber tires.

Artillerymen, infantry and officers in this set may be used to represent British and Commonwealth troops of World War One and World War Two. Unfortunately, there are no limbers or limber horses included in the set.

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