Medium Yellow

Ferrario Acrilic Artist 05

Bright Yellow PY 74, Ferrario 05.

The single pigment colour Ferrario 05 »Medium Yellow« (Pigment Yellow 74) compared to PRIMAcryl 13.212 »Indian Yellow« and PRIMAcryl 13.210 »Vanadium Yellow deep«.

Ferrario 05 »Medium Yellow« was sold as »Medium Cadmium Yellow« in the 1980s, even after the highly toxic »Cadmium Yellow PY 35« had been replaced by »Bright Yellow PY 74«. In the meantime, the recipe has been changed again, and Ferrario 05 »Medium Yellow« is now a mixed pigment colour consisting of pigments »Arylide Yellow PY 1« and »Arylide Yellow PY 65«.