French Volontaires du Dauphiné, 1758–1762

French Volontaires du Dauphiné, 1758–1762.

The Volontaires de Gantés, created by Ordinance of 30 January 1746, with a strength of 500 men, of which 300 foot and 200 mounted; the companies of Chasseurs de Sabattier and de Collonne, each of 200 men on foot, raised on 1 February 1747; the Volontaires de Lancize also of 200 men on foot, raised on 1 March 1747, formed but one Corps per Ordinance of 30 Decembre 1748, and the whole was reduced to 120 men in six companies, including five of infantry and one of dragoons with 20 men each, officers not included.

By Ordinance of 1 February 1758, this corps was set to six companies of 70 men each, including 40 infantry and 30 dragoons, officers and Maréchaux des Logis (dragoon sergeants) not included, and took the name of Régiment des Volontaires du Dauphiné; finally by that of 7 April the same year, it was augmented by two companies of the same composition.

Composition of an Infantry Company

  • Capitaine en premier titulaire
  • Capitaine en second
  • Lieutenant
  • two Sergents
  • three Caporaux
  • three Anspessades
  • 31 Fusiliers
  • one Drummer

Composition of a Dragoon Company

  • Capitaine en premier titulaire
  • Capitaine en second
  • Lieutenant
  • one Maréchal des Logis
  • two Brigadiers
  • 27 Dragoons
  • one Drummer


  • Colonel (without company)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (without company)
  • Major
  • Aide-Major
  • Aumônier
  • Chriurgien

There is also an ensign and a cornet to carry the flag and the standart.

Infantry Uniforms

Coat and breeches bleu-de-Roi, twelve white metal buttons on the right and as many white boutonnières (trimmed buttonholes) on the left of the coat and the vest, doubled vertical pockets with four buttons and boutonnières, of which two are in the centre and one at each end, regular facings, vest and collar ventre-de-biche, four buttons on the cuffs, hat bordered in silver.

Dragoon Uniforms

Same uniform as the infantry, with the exception of boutonnières on both sides of the coat and the vest, bearskin cap, whose front plate and bag are of blue cloth trimmed with white lace with a dolphin at each corner, the pistol covers are similarly decorated.

  • Colonel, M. le Marquis de Gantés
  • Lieutenant-Col., M. de Collonne
  • Major, M. de la Chevalerie
  • Cap.Aide-Major, M. de Guiramand

Regular arms, with the exception that the sabres are those of grenadiers.

The officers have a uniform flintlock with steel fittings.

Flag ventre-de-biche (buff), white cross in the middle, in each of the four corners a blue dolphin and a flame

The guidon ventre-de-biche, a golden sun in the middle, accompanied by four dolphins in gold, silver fringed.


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