Soviet T-34/85 M.44 Medium Tank

Fujimi 1:76 Scale Vehicle Review

Soviet T-34/85 M.44 Medium Tank.

This Fujimi T-34/85 has been sprayed dark green tinted with 30 % white to achieve the proper aerial perspective. The tank commander still needs to be painted, and the raised detail will be drybrushed after the decals have been mounted. The hand-rails were scratchbuilt from pianowire to add visual appeal. The rubber tracks are not detailed enough on the inside, and they were difficult to attach to the roadwheels. The infantry in the photo are a mixture of ESCI and Revell figures. Click here to appreciate the significant difference in size between 1:72 scale and 1:76 scale models of the T-34/85.


  • T-34/85 M.44 Medium Tank
    • Tank Commander
    • Decal Sheet


Good choice of subject, the T34/85 was an important combat vehicle in World War Two, and it continued to serve for many decades thereafter.

Good casting quality. Crisp detail on the hull and turret. However, the cast-on hand-rails should be replaced by more realistic items scratchbuilt from pianowire.

The tank commander is a superb figure which may be used for a variety of Soviet armour models.

Compatible with Airfix, Matchbox, Nitto, and VAC-U-CAST.

The driving light on the hull side needs to be scratchbuilt.

The exhaust pipes may be drilled open to add realism.

The rubber track is difficult to mount, because it cannot be glued properly. We used hot glue to fuse the ends together. This rough joint is hidden beneath one of the roadwheels, and it will not be noticeable once the tank is mounted on its wargame vehicle base. Nevertheless, this type of track cannot compete with the more accurate hard plastic track of the T-34/85 available from AER Moldava.

Soviet T-34/85 M.44 Medium Tank

Fujimi’s T-34/85 is fun to build and it looks good when painted. The tank commander is a very nice figure which may be used for other Soviet combat vehicles as well.

T-34/85 Medium Tank