British F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

British F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar Armoured Recce Vehicle, 1:76 Model Kit Airfix.

The Scimitar is a variant of the Scorpion armoured recce vehicle which continues to serve in the British Army even after the Scorpion has become tactically obsolete. Some Scorpions have since been converted to the Scimitar configuration using 30 mm Rarden turrets of the obsolete Fox armoured car, an interesting conversion projects for modellers and wargamers alike. The Scimitar’s 30 mm Rarden gun is powerful enough to defeat enemy armoured recon vehicles and personnel carriers, making it a useful recce vehicle in a modern wargame scenario. A patrol of two Scimitars may provide fire support for a coup-de-main against a bridge or similar objective.

Available Scale Model Kits

  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1:35 AFV Club
  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1:76 Airfix 01320
  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1:76 Skytrex FF633
  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1:87 Trident 80126
  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1:285 GHQ N57
  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1:300 Heroics & Ros BM06

Technical Specifications

  • F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar
  • Motor: 4.2 litre Jaguar XK V-12 cylinder, 140 kw
  • Speed: 90 km/h on roads
  • Range: 644 km
  • Length: 4800 mm
  • Width: 2230 mm
  • Height: 2100 mm
  • Weight: 8073 kg
  • Armour: 12.7 mm
  • Armament: 30 mm Rarden Gun, 7.62 mm co-axial Machine Gun, smoke grenade dischargers
  • Crew: Commander, Gunner, Driver
  • Production: 1972- (2.600 units)

Historical Employment

  • British Army 1972–1990s
  • Belgian Army

Official Variants

The Scorpion family of armoured fighting vehicles includes a number of interesting variants, of which the Scorpion and Scimitar recce vehicles are most useful for wargamers.

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