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Revell Austrian Artillery firing.

Benno de Groot, born 1989, is a talented painter of historical miniatures who lives in Almelo, Netherlands. Benno started painting 1:72 scale miniatures in 2003, and his collection now includes painted figures of the Medieval, Thirty Years’ War, Seven Years’ War, and American War of Independence period of warfare. Benno de Groot discovered his preferred painting style in 2004, while experimenting with black undercoat and drybrush techniques which provide the pleasing results featured here. Benno is a promising young miniatures artist, and he has an exceptionally creative eye when it comes to staging historical moments for the camera. His use of scenery and backdrops may serve as an inspiration to miniature artists and diorama builders interested in photographing their collection.

Accurate Miniatures 1:72 Scale French Knight.

Knight of the 100 Years’ War from the 1:72 Scale Accurate Miniatures figure set of French Knights, painted in heraldic colours inspired by Schleich 1:20 Scale medieval toy soldiers. The rear view shows the heraldic device on his shield. The internet is an excellent source of heraldry suitable for wargame armies.

Accurate Miniatures 1:72 Scale Crossbowman.
Accurate Miniatures 1:72 Scale Man at Arms.

Crossbowman of the 100 Years’ War from the 1:72 Scale Accurate Miniatures figure set of English Men at Arms, painted in retinue colours of the knight above. The miniatures included in this set are generic enough to be painted as French, English, or other European soldiers of the 14th and 15th Century.

Man-at-Arms of the 100 Years’ War belonging to the retinue of the knight above. This figure, too, comes from the popular 1:72 Scale Accurate Miniatures figure set of English Men at Arms. The figure’s halbert may be replaced with other pole weapons commonly used in the period, to increase the variety of figure poses.

Revell Imperial Infantry of the Thirty Years’ War

Imperial pikemen and command figures from the 1:72 Scale Revell Thirty Years’ War figure set. Swedish and Imperial infantry available from Revell may be mixed to increase the number of poses per unit. The soft plastic pikes are best painted with acrylic paint which does not crack easily, and bonds well.

Revell Austrian Artillery of the Seven Years’ War

Austrian Artillery of the Seven Years’ War from the 1:72 Scale Revell figure set. This figure set is the industry standard against which other artillery sets must be compared. Click here for a review of Austrian Artillery of the Seven Years’ War, with another view of Benno de Groot’s miniature diorama.

Revell British Infantry of the American Revolutionary War

British infantry firing line, officer and drummer of the American War of Independence from the 1:72 Scale Accurate Miniatures figure set. These figures may be painted to represent Loyalist Militia, and they may be recruited to fill the ranks of Washington’s Continental Army. Some of the figures in this set may be converted to gunners.

Watch this page for upcoming photos and feature articles of Benno de Groot’s artistic work. Readers of Military Miniatures Magazine are welcome to nominate talented miniature artists who deserve their own Military Miniatures Gallery section within our magazine.

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