German Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troops 1939–1945

German Gebirgsjäger.

German Gebirgsjäger mountain troops trace their lineage to the 1. Bayerische Schneeschuhbataillon, Jägerregiment 3, which was created in 1914 when the need for specially trained infantry became apparent during mountain warfare in the French Vosges and Austrian Tyrol Mountains. In 1938, the 1. Gebirgsdivision was formed from the Bavarian Mountain Brigade. Following the occupation and Anschluss of Austria, the 6th Austrian (Mountain) Division was redesignated the 2. Gebirgsdivision, and the 5th and 7th Austrian Infantry Divisions formed the 3. Gebirgsdivision. In October 1940, four additional mountain divisions were raised from supernumery infantry regiments which became available when infantry divisions were converted to panzer divisions requiring a smaller infantry component.

German Gebirgsjäger were used as airborne troops on several occasions, including the invasion of Crete and Norway, because they were lightly equipped and could be airlifted without much preparation.


  • Gebirgsjäger, 1:16 Dragon Models DML/1614
  • Gebirgsjäger, 1:35 Dragon Models DML-6045
  • Gebirgsjäger Command Post, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-07
  • Gebirgsjäger Platoon Command and 5 cm Mortar, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-01
  • Gebirgsjäger MG 34 with Crew and Mule, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-04
  • Gebirgsjäger Rifle Squad advancing, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-02
  • Gebirgsjäger Rifle Squad firing, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-03
  • Gebirgsjäger 8 cm Mortar, firing, with Crew and Mule, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-05
  • Gebirgsjäger Gunners, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-06
  • Gebirgsjäger Supply Train of 4 Mules and 2 Handlers, 20 mm FAA MLR 1-08
  • Gebirgsjäger in Winter Parka, 20 mm Raventhorpe
  • Gebirgsjäger in Summer Dress, 20 mm Raventhorpe
  • Gebirgsjäger Ski-Zug, 20 mm Lancashire Games 20/WBP34
  • Gebirgsjäger Anti-Tank Gun Crew, 20 mm IT Figures SKI.10
  • Gebirgsjäger Pack Mule, 20 mm IT Figures SKI.12
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Historical Employment

  • Carpathian Mountains and Poland, 1939
  • Norway, 1940
  • France and Low Countries, 1940
  • Greece and Crete, 1941
  • Eastern Front, 1941–1945
  • Finland, 1941–1944
  • North Africa, 1942
  • Tunisia, 1942–1943
  • Italy, 1943–1945
  • Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, 1944
  • France, Low Countries, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, and Germany, 1944–1945

Possible Conversions

  • Gebirgsjäger infantry may be used as late war German infantry and vice versa. Suitable miniatures should be wearing ankle boots and anklets, rather than jackboots.
  • Gebirgsjäger wearing the regular German infantry steel helmet in combat.
  • Afrika Korps figures may be used to represent Gebirgsjäger in North Africa.

Related Films

  • Where Eagles Dare, a thriller based on Alistair MacLean’s story and screenplay, starring Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, and Mary Ure. British Secret Service Agents dressed as German Gebirgsjäger infiltrate a Bavaria mountain stronghold in an attempt to rescue a captured American general.

Clever wargamers may use late war German infantry wearing ankle boots and anklets to beef up their Gebirgsjäger units and increase the variety of figure poses.

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