Titanium Buff

Golden Acrylics 1370

Golden Acrylics 1370 Titanium Buff.

Golden Acrylics 1370 »Titanium Buff« (PW 6:1, titanium dioxide) is an excellent base colour for white uniforms of the French, Saxon, or Austro-Hungarian army of the Seven Years’ War, which must not appear dirty nor clinically clean, and yet should stand out visually from the white bandoliers worn above them.

Golden Acrylics 1370 »Titanium Buff« matches Humbrol Authentic Colour MC30 »Unbleached Wool« the desaturated colour of white raw wool.

Golden Acrylics 1370 »Titanium Buff« corresponds to a tinted B.S.C. № 64 »Portland Stone«, the base colour introduced in December 1940 for British Army vehicles and equipment in the Middle East.