Grenadier Mitre Cap

Grenadier Mitre Cap, 1:30 Miniature del Prado.

In the early 18th century, grenadiers received narrow mitre caps which, unlike the tricorne hat, did not have to be taken off in order to sling the musket and throw grenades. In addition, grenadier mitre caps with tall front plates made these soldiers appear even more imposing; an additional psychological advantage, considering that the grenadiers had been chosen from the tallest men in the battalion to begin with.

  English Deutsch Français Italiano Español
a tuft Puschel pompon fiocco pompón
b bag Sack, Beutel sac    
c lace Mützenborte soutache    
d base Kranz bandeau, couronne    
e rear plate Rückschildchen plaque    
f grenades Seitengranaten grenades    
g front plate Vorderschild plaque, devant de la mitre    

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